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Here are some internet places to get linear algebra help:

1.    Strang's MIT Linear Algebra Course. Videos of lectures and more:

2.    Beezer's online Linear Algebra Course: 

3.    The Khan Academy has thousands of free videos on a multitude of topics including linear algebra:

4.    The Linear Algebra toolkit:⇠bogacki/lat/ 

5.    Carter, Tapia and Papakonstantinou's online linear algebra resource: 

6.    S.O.S. Mathematics Matrix Algebra primer: 

7.    The Numerical Methods Guy on Youtube. Lots of worked examples:

8.    Interactive Mathematics. Lots of useful math lessons on many topics:

9.    Stat Trek. A quick matrix tutorial for statistics students:

10.  Wolfram’s Mathworld. An online mathematics encyclopædia:

11.  Paul Dawkin's online math notes:

12.  Math Doctor Bob:

13.  Some pictures of how to rotate objects with matrices:

14.  xkcd. Geek jokes:

15.  See the bridge actually fall down: