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    Many extraordinarily talented people are responsible for helping to create this text. We wish to acknowledge the efforts and skills of the following mathematicians. Their contributions have been invaluable.

    • Our sincere thanks to Debbie Wiedemann for her encouragement, suggestions concerning psychobiological examples, proofreading much of the manuscript, and typing many of the section exercises; Sandi Wiedermann for collating the annotated reviews, counting the examples and exercises, and her untiring use of "white-out"; and Jane Ellis for solving and typing all the exercise solutions.

      We thank the following people for their excellent work on the various ancillary items that accompanied the original release of Elementary Algebra (not currently included with the Connexions version): Jane Ellis (Instructor's Manual); John R. Martin, Tarrant County Junior College (Student Solutions Manual and Study Guide); Virginia Hamilton, Shawnee State University (Computerized Test Bank); Patricia Morgan, San Diego State University (Prepared Tests); and George W. Bergeman, Northern Virginia Community College (MAXIS Interactive Software).

      Denny Burzynski
      Wade Ellis, Jr.

      San Jose, California

      I would like to thank Doug Campbell, Ed Lodi, and Guy Sanders for listening to my frustrations and encouraging me on. Thanks also go to my cousin, David Raffety, who long ago in Sequoia National Forest told me what a differential equation is.

      Particular thanks go to each of my colleagues at West Valley College. Our everyday conversations regarding mathematics instruction have been of the utmost importance to the development of this text and to my teaching career.


      À Sandi
      C'est pour toi, l'étoile au centre de mon univers.

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