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    Elyse would like to thank her husband Seçkin Demirbaş for his endless patience, tireless support, and insightful feedback.

    Andrew would like to thank Zoe for her patience and support while he hacked and also Locke for his insightful subediting. He should also thank the various coauthors for not being too impatient while other manuscripts were neglected.

    Joel would like to thank way too many people to name for their support and encouragement over many years.

    Thanks to

    • Rob Beezer and David Farmer for their help converting this book from LATEX to this online PreTeXt format.
    • Nick Loewen for designing the cover art, help with figures, colours, spelling and many discussions.
    • The many people who have collaborated over the last couple of decades making exams and tests for first year calculus courses at UBC Mathematics. A great many of the exercises in the text come from questions in those tests and exams.

    Finally, we'd like to thank those students who reported typos and errors they found in the text. Many of these students did so through our “bug bounty” program which was supported by the Department of Mathematics, Skylight and the Loafe Cafe all at UBC.

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