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Note to instructor from course creator

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    Welcome to Geometry!

    This Geometry course was designed based on the College and Career Readiness Standards for Geometry level D and E(link). All the Geometry standards from levels D and E are covered in this course. This course is part of a three course series that covers all the algebra, function, and geometry standards. The Geoemtry course has only 6 modules of work. As a typical course is 10 weeks long, this allows extra time to slow down on more complex topics, spending as much as two weeks on a single module, as it is not required to complete a section a day in order to finish the course by the end of a typical 10 week quarter. 

    Setting Up Online Homework

    Each course requires the students to complete online homework in WAMAP - a free and open online homework system for all instructors in the state of Washington. Instructors will need to create a new instructor account. Once the account is create you can make a new course that will be used to import all the homework assignments. 

    To import course assignments do the following:

    • Go into your blank course
    • On the left, under "course items" click "copy"
    • Select the drop down for "Other's Courses"
    • Select "Big Bend CC"
    • Select "Wallace, Tyler"
    • Select "HS21+ Geometry Master Course"
    • At the bottom click the button "Select Course Items"
    • Select "copy whole course"
    • Click the button "Copy Items"
    • Confirm by clicking "Copy Items"

    The course assignments will then be copied into your course. 

    Suggested Classroom Flow/Activities

    Each student learns and masters mathematics at their own pace. For this reason the course offers flexible pacing. Some students may fly through the content, others will need to slow down at times. The course is designed for students to work on computers in class and work through the content at their own pace. The instructor (and possibly tutor support) should be available during this time to track student progress, motivate students through difficult times, and answer questions as students work through the material. This format also allows one math classroom to offer each math course (Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II) simultaneously! Students are still expected to complete work from home, the suggestion is to have students watch videos at home and work on the assignments in class when there is support available. The instructor should still watch the pacing of students to ensure they complete in the required amount of time. 

    Any Questions?

    Feel free to contact the course creator, Dr. Tyler L. Wallace, at He is very willing to help answer any questions as you set up your course and answer any questions you may have! This includes any issues/problems with the online homework system (while it is great 95% of the time, sometimes it does weird things!) I wish you luck as you teach this course!

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