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Health and Fitness Course Syllabus (template)

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    ---Use this syllabus by adding, integrating, or adapting content from your required school syllabus.---

    Instructor Contact Information

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    Required Materials (bring to class everyday)

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    Course Description

    This course is composed of multiple modules designed to introduce students to life science. The class begins with scientific thinking and the scientific method and then moves to define characteristics of life and an in-depth look at cell structures and functions. Next, diversity within the living world is analyzed and genetics are explored. Finally, large-scale biological processes are introduced by looking at how energy and matter enter and move through the living world. Helpful videos, pictures,lab, models, and other visual strategies are used as learning tools with an expanded emphasis on writing and math to bring meaning to the content being addressed.

    Course Outcomes

    At the end of the course the student will:

    • Identify the purpose of science and demonstrate scientific thinking.
    • Apply the steps of the scientific method to everyday situations as well as laboratory investigations.
    • Identify and describe the characteristics of cells and organelles.
    • Demonstrate basic lab skills through the collection, synthesis, and analysis of data (including creation of graphs from data and correct interpretation of graphed data).
    • Critique information presented online and in the media to determine if the information is “scientific and credible.”

    College & Career Readiness Standards

    • CCRs Reading Anchor(s): Level D (All)
    • CCRs Writing Anchor(s):Level D (All)
    • CCRs Speaking/Listening Anchor(s): Level D (All)
    • CCRs Language Anchor(s): Level D anchor 1, 2, 3
    • CCRs Math Level(s): Level C number and operations, Ratio/Proportion, Represent and interpret Data

    Course Expectations

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    Format Standard for Assignments

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    Late Work Policy

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    Academic Integrity

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    Support Resources

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    Assignments and Grading

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