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Make an Audio or Video Recording in Canvas

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    Some assignments require you to make an audio or video recording in Canvas. Practice this, and submit either an audio or video recording following the directions below.


    1. In the text box, click the "Media" button (it looks like a film strip)
    2. Select "Record"
    3. Select the microphone icon for audio, or the video icon for video.
    4. Click Allow
    5. Click anywhere in the box to start recording
    6. Record this greeting: Hi, Instructor __________! I'm _(your name)__, and I'm going to be the best student in your class! 
    7. Click "Save"

    *Note: Canvas updates its system frequently, which can cause problems with the audio/video recorder. If you having a problem, you can wait a little while and try again. If you are still having a problem, try using a different Web browser (Safari, Mozilla, Chrome). 

    **Note: Recording does not usually work on the library computers

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