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Key Terms Chapter 08: Roots and Radicals

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    Glossary Entries
    complex conjugate pairA complex conjugate pair is of the form \(a+bi, a-bi\)    
    complex numberA complex number is of the form \(a+bi\), where \(a\) and \(b\) are real numbers. We call \(a\) the real part and \(b\) the imaginary part.    
    complex number systemThe complex number system is made up of both the real numbers and the imaginary numbers.    
    imaginary unitThe imaginary unit \(i\) is the number whose square is \(–1\). \(i^2 = -1\) or \(i=\sqrt{-1}\).    
    like radicalsLike radicals are radical expressions with the same index and the same radicand.    
    radical equationAn equation in which a variable is in the radicand of a radical expression is called a radical equation.    
    radical functionA radical function is a function that is defined by a radical expression.    
    rationalizing the denominatorRationalizing the denominator is the process of converting a fraction with a radical in the denominator to an equivalent fraction whose denominator is an integer.    
    square of a numberIf \(n^2=m\), then \(m\) is the square of \(n\).    
    square root of a numberIf \(n^2=m\), then \(n\) is a square root of \(m\).    
    standard formA complex number is in standard form when written as \(a+bi\), where \(a\), \(b\) are real numbers.    
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