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10: Solving Quadratics and Rootfinding

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    • 10.1: Absolute and Relative Errors
      The definition of absolute, relative and percent errors are presented.  Examples are given as well.
    • 10.2: Rounding Errors and the Quadratic Formula
      The quadratic formula is a well-known way to solve quadratic equations.  In this section, we show that there are certain equations that are difficult to solve when using floating-point numbers.
    • 10.3: Re-examining the Quadratic Formula
      As we saw in the previous section, the quadratic formula can produce serious errors in certain circumstances.  In this section, we rewrite the quadratic formula to help minimize this problem.
    • 10.4: Newton’s Method
      Newton's method is a well-known and fast method to finding roots of any function which is differentiable.  We develop the method here and give examples of it's use.

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