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Overview: Getting Started

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    This module provides instruction and resources for navigating Canvas and utilizing Google Docs in order to succeed in this and other High School 21+ courses that include Canvas.  This course is considered a "flipped" course, which means you'll engage and learn concepts online, and come to class to practice, ask questions, or demonstrate your mastery of the concepts you learn.  For this reason, your engagement in the online portion of this course is critical to your overall success.

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of this module, you will be able to: 

    • Navigate Canvas features used in this course.
    • Update your notification preferences
    • Update your profile
    • Track and submit assignments in Canvas
    • Draft and submit documents and links from Google Docs
    • Communicate with your instructor and peers
    • Navigate Canvas features on a mobile device
    • Participate in a discussion board
    • Send your instructor a message
    • Check your grades
    • Submit peer reviews
    • Navigate Canvas on a mobile device
    • Submit screen shots
    • Download and submit files in Canvas
    • Make an audio or video recording using Canvas
    • Find help for Canvas as needed
    • Correctly format your written assignments
    • Use citation styles
    • Recognize criteria used in a rubric

    Why This Is Important

    Completion of your high school diploma requires you to successfully participate in a course that uses Canvas and Google Docs to deliver lessons.

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