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2: Solving Linear Equations

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    In this chapter, you will explore linear equations, develop a strategy for solving them, and relate them to real-world situations.

    • 2.1: Use a General Strategy to Solve Linear Equations
      Solving an equation is like discovering the answer to a puzzle. The purpose in solving an equation is to find the value or values of the variable that makes it a true statement. Any value of the variable that makes the equation true is called a solution to the equation. It is the answer to the puzzle!
    • 2.2: Use a Problem Solving Strategy
      Now that we can solve equations, we are ready to apply our new skills to word problems. We will develop a strategy we can use to solve any word problem successfully.
    • 2.3: Solve a Formula for a Specific Variable
      Formulas are used in so many fields, it is important to recognize formulas and be able to manipulate them easily. It is often helpful to solve a formula for a specific variable. If you need to put a formula in a spreadsheet, it is not unusual to have to solve it for a specific variable first. We isolate that variable on one side of the equals sign with a coefficient of one and all other variables and constants are on the other side of the equal sign.

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